‘On My Honour’ is a show on Trybe Tv were your favourite Nollywood celebrities get asked daring and intriguing questions. Nollywood actress, video vixen and singer, Ese Eriata is our guest on this episode of ‘On My Honour’. The sultry actress spoke on her alleged relationship with Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo and the kind of man she likes.

Speaking on the kind of man she likes, according to the actress her ideal man is Tyler Perry. From his height to his cute face to his intelligent mind, the actress likes everything about him.

It’s not out of the ordinary for people in the entertainment world to be involved with each other. While to some the idea of getting involved with a colleague is fine but for Ese Eriata it’s a no. Recall the actress was said to be in an intimate relationship with Alex Ekubo? Well, the actress has debunked the rumour as nothing of such happened. As a matter of fact the actress does not think she can have anything to do with an entertainer.

Watch the video below