On this episode of TrybeTv’s ‘On My Honour’ where actors get to reveal intimate things about themselves, Calister Okoronkwo is on the hot seat as she takes the oath to answer truthfully.

Calister Okoronkwo talks about why producers do not make sexual advancemenst towards her beacause she has worked her way up and created a name for herself. So if they give her a role it would be because she deserves it.

When asked about her first kiss, she said: It was quite sloppy being  her first and it happened in her second semester 200level because her mother made her scared of boys so she had to wait that long.

She also went further to reveal that she had gotten in a fight with her friend in the past but they squashed the beef and are best  of friends now….

The Igbo actress became popular for her role as nurse Titi in Clinic Matters.

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