‘TrybeTV’ s One On One’ takes you through the journey of an actor’s career, life and experience as a whole. On this episode, the delectable Kate Henshaw recounts her journey in the movie industry and how it all started.

”Next year i would be 25 years in the industry and the person who introduced me to the industry is dead, the late JT Tom West. I had no idea what i was getting into but i don’t regret it for one minute, just be inquisitive, wanting to know what film making was all about, wanting to be part of a movie, irrespective of the gains back then because the money was the money wasn’t much, i found myself here  and i am loving it”

She went further to speak on how the industry has grown as they are now in the cinemas and online as opposed to being on tape and VHS back in the day.

When asked if there is some part of her that has she has improved on? The Calabar actress revealed that she has always been a keeper of time and she has learnt over time to just not let people waste her time.

Some of her famous movies are the meeting, fighting for nothing, broken tears, stronger than pain, games men play, scars of womanhood and many more…

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