Comedy is a concept associated with laughter, maybe not necessarily the focal point. The Royal Hibiscus hotel did better with a premise not so usual in this part of the world. The story is not strange, but not one we are used to.

The plot of the movie is quite simple yet exceptional. It revolves around Ope – In a seemingly perfect world [London] Ope will be frustrated to walk out on her job of being a chef and return to Nigeria to rescue her parents’ struggling business, where she will meet a wealthy investor looking to buy her father’s once celebrated establishment – The royal hibiscus hotel
Finding herself in the hotel’s kitchen, Ope pursues her dream of creating a distinctive fusion cuisine that melds African cooking with foreign flavors which was slightly sabotaged by an envious worker [who will now have to work under Ope’s supervision]

Deji and Ope will get together and a romance will brew which will be short-lived by a secret her father is keeping to himself. All this was done with lightheartedness intended.

Each actor delivers a phenomenal work and this statement is perhaps especially true for the two leads. Zainab Balogun, who plays Ope, conveying levelheadedness – while maintaining an honest aura. Kenneth Okoli, who plays Deji has similar trait to his character, which he represents beautifully well throughout the film. Industry veterans Jide Kosoko and Rachel Oniga gave their best yet, Olu Jacob and Joke Silva love moments is also one to look out for.

If there’s any critic to be leveled at all, it is not toward the craft on display but rather it’s content, it could be intentional. The storyline is rather straight and devoid of intricacies. Still it is nice to see comedy interwoven in a fairytale like story.

‘The Royal Hibiscus’ movie would be in Nigerian cinemas in 2018.