Entertaining. Inconsistent. Quite good. Not spectacular. ‘Rule Number One’ is a romantic comedy that is a breath of fresh air- A definite improvement from all the crappy comedies Nollywood has been throwing at us this year.

Whilst far from being perfect, one can easily see that the producers of ‘Rule Number One’ have got some real talent. Beautiful and colourful, ‘Rule Number One’ makes for an easy see. With story telling that is as direct and straight to the point as “direct and straight to the point” can get, they managed to make an otherwise very-basic story shine out like a rainbow after the storm.

Unfortunately, this rainbow stubbornly refused to shine consistently for the duration. Brought down by severe cases of over acting and irritating fake-ness. Plus a dearth of chemistry which they brazenly attempted to cover up with repetitious over-kissing that proved a turn off for most in the audience (Goodness gracious! A whole lot of kissing in this movie- Don’t take children!).

Fortunately, these minuses weren’t enough to irredeemably damage the experience as ‘Rule Number One’ proved adept at salvaging itself, again and again. When it gets good, it gets really good. And then goes back to being numb very quickly; so that when we the screening was over, the audience seemed “just about satisfied” as opposed to being awed- Everyone we spoke to had something positive to say. And we left feeling just about the same- Zero regrets.

Synopsis: The story of the bond between two best friends with different personalities; one who is the life of the party and the other conservative. Their friendship is tested when a playboy who knows his game gets involved with both of them without their knowledge. Would their friendship survive this?

Starring: Bucci Franklin, Keira Hewatch, Chinonso Young.

Recommended. Solid effort.

PS: If ever there was a Nollywood movie that deserved being encouraged by paying to see it, this is it. Go for it!

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Credit: CinemaPointer