‘A Soldiers Story’ basically revolves around the life of this particular soldier who was sent for peace keeping, leaving his wife to a fictional African community and found love after presumed dead. The 2015 movie was directed by Frankie Ogar and stars Daniel K Daniel, Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor, Adesua Etomi, Tope Tedela and many more…

Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘A Soldier’s Story’


1. Original Content – Nollywood is known to always repeat stories (boy meets girl, boy falls in love, a little challenge, boy x girl gets married or the typical village setting with a king and someone trying to overthrow the king etc.) Or copy western movies, scene by scene. A soldier story is based on originality, these things actually happen in certain parts of Africa and for the first time the story is told by Africans. A lot Military officials and their wives relate to this particular story.

2. Picture Quality & Sound Effect- This is taking movie production to another level aesthetically. You could hear every gunshot clearly and accurately aligned with the visuals. Picture quality was a hundred, sound was two hundred.

3. Award Winning Movie – The movie got 5 nominations for the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards and won two of those categories & 4 nominations for Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, winning two categories. For his role as “Bossman”, Daniel K Daniel won AMAA AND AMVCA awards.

4. Stella Cast- Nollywood favorites and new millennials like they are called all starred in this movie…-Linda Ejiofor as Regina
-Tope Tedela as Major Egan
-Daniel K Daniel as Bossman
-Adesua Etomi as Lebari
-Zainab Balogun as Angela
-Chukwuma Aligwekwe as Col. Bello
-Sambassa Nzeribe as Ghetto
-Olumide Oworu as Edwin

5. Story Line depicts heroism, the true Nigerian dream. Tope Tedela plays the role of a Nigerian Soldier who was brave enough to go for war but was left for dead, on regaining consciousness with the help of Linda Ejiofor, he once again becomes the hero and saves the day.



Catch ‘A Soldier’s Story’ Sunday 1st October, 4PM, DSTV195, GOTVCH97