Kannywood celebrated actors, Adam Zango and Ali Nuhu, have finally reconciled after a spat that began in 2017. Zango and Nuhu initially fell apart over a scandal involving Rahama Sadau in February 2015.

Rahama had accused Zango of demanding sexual favours to feature her in his movie, “Duniya Makaranta”. She wrote at the time on her Instagram wall, that “Declining Zango’s love advances will not take me down”.

However, she later apologised to Zango, who had denied her allegation.

As an associate of Ali Nuhu’s, Rahama Sadau was believed to have been instigated by Ali Nuhu to disparage Zango.

But the two actors fell out again two years after.

It is reported that Adam Zango had believed Ali Nuhu was bashing him with his friends. However, an ally of Ali Nuhu faulted the account.

“Ali is too big to engage in a cheap talk about Adam Zango who was his boy. He trained him, gave him all to excel in his career. Thank God for the interference of some elders, the two guys have reconciled. I just hope it will last this time around,” they ally said.

Hassana Dalhat, a Kannywood film promoter, said that the altercation between the two was about supremacy.

The reconciliation took place in Kano before the chairman of the Kano State Censorship Board, Ismaila Afakallahu Na’abba.