Sultry Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya is the cover star for ‘’ magazine July edition. In an interview with the magazine, the actress spoke about her upcoming project, natural hair and more.

The award winning actress is set to feature in upcoming movie ‘The Door’. She reveals the movie required a lot from here both physically and emotionally.

“It required a lot from me emotionally and physically. The story was great and so intense. I took a huge risk with this one and I’m sure it will pay off.”

Speaking on her acting preference whether Tv or Film, she said:

“I like TV because it’s every day. It’s maximum exposure on a daily basis. I like the exposure that Tinsel gives me and I like the fact that you see something new every week. But I love film because that’s where you get to explore more. You get to explore new characters and become a new person. You really challenge yourself. So I enjoy both for different reasons however if I really had to choose then it’d be film.”

The ‘When Love Happens’ actress also spoke about her natural hair and if she would be willing to shave it off for a role.

“I’ve asked myself that question before and, until the situation arises, I really can’t answer. I’ve grown very attached to my hair and there are other financial opportunities attached to it too.”


She also spoke about her personal project called 50 Shades of Black – a campaign focused on celebrating and empowering young black women to love the colour of their skin.