Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have been considered as tools for individuals, organizations and public figures to air their thoughts. These platforms have thus signified a large crunch of role in our day to day affairs. 

Captions, pictures and comments really mean a lot in this new age of online dominance. Ordinarily, a picture can no longer be shared without in-depth meaning(s) from various audiences.

This will take us to the recent picture Bimbo Oshin shared on her page. The picture itself carried a weight of words, and then her caption added more salt to the sauce.

Some people gan Sef after seeing the red light still go dey hope say . . . . I beg love na by force? Love no be by force oooo.”

The picture aroused lot of comments that buttressed her caption while on the other hand, who could she be addressing or what could she be inferring? could it be a colleague in the industry? and if so who?