Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, is not happy with the way the Lagos stat government has been punishing its masses in recent times.

Considering the hardship in the country, the Lagos state government recently increased the Lekki toll gate tariff and this has gotten many commuters talking including the actress.

According to her, “On my out of Lekki this morning I received this notifying me that within 4 days there will be an increment to the toll gate tariff. The question is what this Govt take the citizens for.

ATM machines they can collect from at will? Things are extremely tough in this country for the lay man. Suicidal rate is extremely high. Drug abuse is now a norm because people are trying to get high to get away from the pain, leading to the deaths of young vibrant youths in the society. I would like to know in details and statistics what the government uses our taxes for. 1. The hard currency rate is still increasing against the Naira. This alone affects business’s both existing and new. A lot of companies have gone further to let go of their staff due to the fact they can’t meet up with the expenses, some have even gone as far as closing down.