Ghanaian actress, Moesha Buduong, known for her curves has got the male community talking about her outfit to the premiere of ‘Apples and Banana’.

The actress posted the pictures on her instagram page, showing that she wore the lovely red jumpsuit to movie premiere.

The actress, sometime last year revealed shae lost her virginity at the age of 21 when she started dating after her Senior High School and later broke up with the guy at her third year at the university.

She’s also known to have dated Kwaku, who could cater for her needs because she needed a guy who could take care of her father’s medical bills, education, up keep and lots more but broke up with him when her needed sky rocketed and moved over to Ladi who now caters for her needs.

When asked by Delay Show how she would cope if the Lardi broke up with her, Moesha revealed that she has a luck where no guy can ever break up with her, unless she decided to break it off with that guy.