Nollywood actor Emeka Ike takes a swipe at his estranged wife Suzanne Emma, on instagram. The former couple were married for 17 years before getting divorced. The actor is currently in custody of his four children with his Ex wife, while Suzannne gets ‘unhindered’ access to them.

Emeka recently put up a picture of his kids saying

“My blessing from GOD… Daddy will never betray your trust n love… love u, my world”

A follower of the actor accused him of not appreciating his wife for giving his beautiful children. Emeka Ike replied saying

only GOD gives children, no human can… I gave, she received n delivered. Even “rats” makes babes … a mother is farrrrr different from “wife”. May GOD help our today wifes to understand “motherhood” amen.

The actor got a lot of negative response for the statement he made