Nollywood film maker and actor, Tchidi Chikere talks about his life growing up and as a film maker.

Tchidi grew up in a large family and it was very exciting for him. The number ten(10) is very significant to the actor because he is the tenth child and was born on the tenth day of the tenth month.

The ‘Live To Remember’ director has been making movies since 1999 and has written over three hundred (300) movies.

“My most challenging movie is ‘Light Will Come’ because we upgraded everything from the lights to the camera to the artists”

“Every movie has a responsibility to entertain, inform and educate”

In terms of Nollywood, Tchidi thinks

“Nollywood is an emergent industry that is going leaps and bounds everyday. Nollywood comes in handy as one of the tools that can be used to diversify the Nigerian economy and bring in an influx of Forex”.