Femi Adebayo is a Nollywood actor and producer popularly known for his roles in yoruba movies, The actor and film maker on set of TrybeTV’s One On One interview spoke on his  first audition and acting role in 1995 (OwoBlow). He revealed that it was a wonderful experience and Tade Ogidan advised him to go to school and study theater arts.

When asked what category he would like to be placed in the industry he said;

” I would like to be seen as an actor, but we cannot rule out the fact that i am more known as a Yoruba actor, like i used to tell people an actor is an actor regardless of the language and  we cannot rule out the fact that if this person cannot speak English he cannot act English movies or if this person cannot speak Yoruba he shouldn’t be a Yoruba actor but i am an actor and i have acted in a couple of English movies’

He went further to say that stardom has made him a shy person and it has taken a reasonable part of his privacy but he appreciates it and loves what he does. The Father noted that he can only turn down roles that is against his belief, not necessarily his religion but what he believes in because as an actor you should be able to interpret any role given to you.

The actor has featured Death Island, October 1st, Beyond his Ability, Ladies Gang,Sonto Alapata, Wura Ati Fadaka, Ma Wobadan, Jelili, Buga & more…




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