Veteran Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus just proved to the world she is very much in love with her man. The actress who has been married three times was grateful she gave love another try.

Stella is married to filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan. Recently, Daniel went on and on about how much he missed his adorable wife and could not wait to have her back home. While appreciating his wife, Daniel may have insinuated that his estranged wife, Doris Simeon mentally and emotionally abused him.

Stella had the sweetest reply to his post, she wrote

“Honey, words cannot express how you have made me feel. When people laughed at me and called me names, saying I have been married three times; it hurt me but in my heart, I knew it was worth it.

“Taking a chance on love again was risky for me but only God knows how many nights I cried and told him if it was not meant to be he should close the chapter.

“When I met you I found a friend, a father, a brother, a confidant and a business partner. I didn’t know God had plans for me. Plans that were better than the ones I actually prayed for. Thank you for coming into our lives.

“You are the most romantic, appreciative, kind, loving, caring and understanding husband any woman can ask for. You also helped me through my healing process boo. The girls love you so much for being an amazing dad and friend.

“I dey come back in two days o, tell shakiratu and the rest say the owner of your salt na kolo o, make dem travel far go find their own. I be one man army o, make dem no try me. When I get better thing, I dey hold am TIGHT. I no dey take am play football lie lie. I love you boo. See you soon.”