There’s no doubt that our movie industry, both Ghallywood and Kumawood, is literally dead but players and stakeholders are not doing anything to remedy the situation.

According to Kumasi-based actor, Bernard Aduse-Poku the situation is so bad that it has forced his female colleagues to be slay queens and by force TV show hosts.

Speaking with Austine Woode on Ultimate Showbiz, Mr Aduse-Poku was of the view that if nothing is done, there industry will be comepeltely extinct in the too distant future.

In a very lengthy interview, the actor enumerated the challenges confronting the industry whilst he made some suggestions to could salvage the problem.

Here’s what Mr Aduse-Poku said:

“I don’t know the state in which the Ghanaian movie industry is in now, it’s nothing good to write home about, I mean its in a state where you could use a word such as unfortunate to qualify it.

It’s in a very unfortunate situation right now and hence the reason most of these big stars are turning themselves into TV show hosts, radio show hosts, Instagram models, social media models and what have you, you know, the industry is almost grinding to a halt, because if nothing is done in the next two to three years, there will be no Ghanaian movie in Ghana.

I do not agree with people who think the quality has gone down, blah blah… It’s not about the quality, right now there’s a paradigm shift, back in the days they produce their movies, get a marketer, go and manufacture the CDs, go to the market and sell, that was the order of the day, but now it has gone beyond that, now there is social media,’ he said.

There are so many platforms and our people are not taking advantage of it and then the few ones, to me, are greedy, greedy in the sense that when they saw the light and realized that this is how it should be done, so like you stay in touch with current trends they should have like in a way organized some sort of fora or seminars for the others to know the current trends in marketing movies or in even the way you go about doing movies, thinking that we are in our own corner doing our own thing, whiles the others kept doing the old style which have faded out.

Movie making is not a joke, it’s about money, you could have all the ideas in the World and have all the technical know-how in the World but if you don’t have the money forget it,’ he stated.