Award winning actress Halima Abubakar debunks cancer rumors.

Earlier this month she shared photos of herself with her head shaved, leading to the cancer speculation.

Following her fibroid surgery, Halima had to shave her due to reaction from medication.


She wrote on Instagram

“Naijagist you know I can sue and win this case right? If I have cancer, just the way I announced my fibroid, I would announce it. Please I have no source around me and I would appreciate the non-factual information and speculation about my health to stop. Allow me heal in peace!!

We heal differently .Am encouraging women out there. This is wickedness and whoever wrote this will go through worst pain that I ever went through. You wrote I would deny it.

“You would tell the world who diagnosed me and how you got such conclusions. More than 1000 ladies are suffering from fibroid and I am talking to them. Am not scared of none, am sure you know this. Better apologize,” she added on the social media platform.”