Halima Abubaka’s Family Issues Official Statement Concerning Her Health

Halima Abubaka’s Family issues Official Statement Concerning her health .

Isa Abubakar the sister to the actress on behalf of their family issued an official statement.

On behalf of our big sister,we want to thank everyone who called,commented and prayed for her.we all are grateful.And to Aunty Tonto for being a good friend and for always being there..And to her mentor and guidance The First Lady of Kogi state  for being an example of love,and kindness towards our sister who had complications from fibroid.
We love and pray for God to keep uplifting you for all you do for every one.For being a mother to our sister.Your kindness will never go in vain. Written by Isah Abubakar ps to all her colleagues who posted pictures,calls omg called much respect to you all.she will thank you her self as soon as she is fit 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 and her fans rock