What they say is true, Being beautiful is not everything. Zainab reveals she values her happiness more than her beauty.

Zainab is our guest on TrybeTv’s of ‘On My Honour’.  She is a Nigerian actress as well as a model and television presenter popularly known for her role in ‘The Wedding Party’ & ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’.

When asked if she will would rather be extremely beautiful and sad or completely ugly with money and happy.

She said

“I’ll take the second option because with that money you can buy nice clothes and get a plastic surgery, take all the holidays and find happiness in those things. Beauty is not the end and beginning of happiness”

 We all have that certain behavior we can not stand in a relationship but for the Tv presenter she can not tolerate dishonesty, a selfish partner, a cheat and loyalty is super important to her. Despite the fact that she does not cheat in a relationship, she has been cheated on a couple of times.

Recall that the actress is an IJB (I Just Got Back), Speaking on how her accent has affected her either positively or negatively, she said

“Having an accent has prevented me from getting certain roles or opportunities. Everything has its good side and down side”

The actress admits her accents have prevented her from getting certain roles. According to the actress its what you have in your brain that gets you what you need.

Zainab Balogun has starred in about four movies this year including ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ where she made her first leading debut. The movie has been selected to premiere at the International Toronto festival.