There’s a new term IJB (I just got back) used to describe those Nollywood actors that either studied abroad or lived abroad and are now back to the country. They are part of the millennial actors and are doing really well in the industry.

This is not to discredit those that have been in the industry before them but to name a few that are in that category. These guys have contributed to the industry with the knowledge acquired abroad…

-Instead of comparing the old nollywood and new nollywood why not all come together to share experience and knowledge to make the industry better.

-Instead of the existing actors hating on the new actors, why not accept them and show them the ropes?

-Instead of the new actors feeling like they are better than the existing ones, why not give respect to them for without them there would be no industry…

Here are some IJBs

Michelle Dede
Meg Otanwa
Osas Ajibade
Adunni Ade
Nino Bolanle
Beverly Naya
Somkele Iyamah

Amongst others…