Curvy actress Moyo Lawal hasn’t backed down from informing the world that she is yet to find her prince charming.

All through 2017, Moyo who is said to be single was waiting for a man like American Rapper, Kanye West, Who Treats his woman like a queen.

Now in 2018, the actress not being able to find the man of her choice has decided to explore until the lucky one comes along.

Loneliness is said to be taking a toll on the actress as she makes a resolution not to remain alone anymore but indulge in some fun.

She wrote: “Dear kanye,

since you have decided not to show up yet…. I have decided to go on and have some adventures. Eeeem, No!! I didn’t leave you for Harry… but Harry is royalty, yet he is bold and confident enough to choose an actress as a wife (and not a boring, proper one for that matter) So you get now, why I use your names interchangeably…… …. OH, forgive my manners, I didn’t properly explain “the adventure am embarking on” , well you see, I have sort of unconsciously been searching for you in every man and by doing that I have forgotten how to just let go and have fun. So now, am just going to take chances, make mistakes and just generally have an amazing time. … …………. …………………………….
………… M. L.
P. S sleeping alone definitely has taken a toll on me, and I kinda think… I just might be doing less of it in 2018 (might) “whether you show up or not”