Finding true love in the Nollywood Industry is really difficult as those that got married in the industry are struggling to keep it together. Most of our Nigerian celebrities marriages have hit the rocks for no reason and others are trying their best to keep their love life and personal life far away from the media.

Actress and producer, Uche Ogbodo in an interview with  shared with us so many things about the Nollywood industry, her personal life and so much more.

When asked what no one can find about her online, the actress revealed that she was a born-again christian. Shocking it may seem but hey the second coming is close at hand so everyone must embrace the Lord before it is too late.

She further told us that if she found the right man again she would give true love a second chance. “love? yeah of course, why not, when I find it.”

On her recent ambassadorial project, called Corporate Farmers here is what she said, “corporate farmers is a reality TV show that has to do with agriculture, its in the process, its coming out soon and I am one of the ambassadors that have been selected to sell this idea to the youth and make agriculture more sexy and interesting for the youth of Nigeria.”