‘On My Honour’ is a show on Trybe Tv were your favourite Nollywood celebrities get asked daring and intriguing questions. Nollywood actress Chinoso Young was our guest on this episode of ‘On My Honour’. She revealed a lot of details about her personal life.

The ‘Lekki Wives’ actress says she gets quite a number of messages on social media asking for her contact especially on Facebook.

” I can not date someone i met on social media but we can be friends’.

When asked about the special man in her life, she said

“I do not have a special man in my life, i am happily single so my dad would be the special man in my life”.

The ‘Line Up’ actress can play the role of a lesbian but it depends on the story and the impact it will have on the people watching it.

Chinonso does not think plastic surgery is something she will consider because it goes against her beliefs.