Fair skinned actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday aka Omoge Lekki is an unusual actress. Though Igbo, she is making waves in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood both as an actress and a moviemaker. Blessed with a fluent Yoruba accent, Nkechi hit Nollywoiod in 2007 and won rave reviews for her role in her debut flick, Omo Bewaji in 2008. In this chat with Entertainer, the actress opens up on her debut movie production, Omoge Lekki, marriage and Nollywood. 

How do you get inspired as an actress? 

‎My inspiration comes from happenings around me; my environment is my greatest influence.

You are Igbo. How were you able to switch to the character you played in Omoge Lekki, a Yoruba movie?

Switching character wasn’t hard even though it was my first production. I had fun acting that character because it taught young ladies out there not to live fake lives.

I must say you are a very beautiful lady, how do you handle your admirers?

Wow! Thank you very much, I will take that as a compliment. But for my admirers, I simply tell them I am not searching.

Have you ever been sexually harassed by either a producer or a director?

Never! And by the way, you know, the way you carry yourself matters too. So I try as much to be me at all times.

What is that role you can’t play?

Going nude on set. Not even for a huge some of money; nah, I can never act nude! 

Are you seeing someone?

At the Moment I am single (laughter). 

But if the man comes now, are you pretty ready for marriage?

Of course! I am ready for marriage but that is only when Mr Right comes through. 

Do you see marriage as a barrier to your career?

Marriage a barrier to my career? For now I don’t because I am not in a serious relationship.

Can you quit acting for marriage? 

Yes, I can quit acting for marriage if my partner doesn’t want it. Anything that  will make my home work is paramount to me. 

Beyond Omoge Lekki, what should fans expect from you?

‎After Omoge Lekki, I have done movies like Fiditi and Church Girls but my fans should expect something very different from the usual because I am coming out strong in my next production.

Who are your role models?

My role models are Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham. They have both added value to my life. Mercy Aigbe made my first movie, Omoge Lekki, possible, while Toyin Abraham taught me the power of positivity; she is the definition of a perfect role model.

Your have an attractive butt, have you ever been told?

(Laughter) Hmmm… I hear that all the time but I don’t think it is attractive.

What message do you have for your fans?

Please, always remember to put God first in everything you do and pray without ceasing. Also, always have it at the back of your minds that God’s time is the best. Lastly, popularity is not the same as being successful; let us be wise.