Emmanuella Iloba is one promising actress that has succeeded in carving a positive niche for herself in the Nollywood industry. The beautiful actress has featured in a couple of movies including dusty road, living in the past, chevron wives, lekki house girl and has also worked for brands like orange drug company, mandilas and many others.


The actress was our guest on this episode of ‘On My Honour’. ‘On My Honour’ is a show on TrybeTv where we dig deep into the lives of your favourite Nollywood stars.

When asked about her first crush, she said

“I have never had a crush on a guy”

As a guy, to get the actress attention, you would have to be tall, down to earth and have a great sense of humour. These qualities are what attracts the actress to the opposite sex.

According to the ‘Dusty Road’ actress her smile and skin are what attracts the opposite sex to her.

Watch the full interview below: