Judith Audu is a Nollywood actress who is known for her hard work and consistency amongst her colleagues. On this episode of ‘One On One’ with TrybeTV the actress was very honest and blunt.

She talks about her project ‘Not Just Married’ and how she tries to inspire young acts, the actress disclosed that there is a ‘Judith Factor’ in the industry

” There is a saying if you meet Judith and your life doesn’t change, there is a problem.” she said.

When asked how she manages to balance her work life and personal life?

The wife and career woman disclosed that she is a wife first and she prioritizes by communicating with her husband before she takes on any project.

”I don’t let my work and home crash. i don’t let either one suffer”

Communication is key.

At the end of the show she was asked to say somthing to her fans/supporters, this is what the ‘Not Just Married’ star had to say

”No matter your circumstances in life, i don’t know what you are going through, sometimes we see people and think our situation in life  is the worst till you hear other people’s story,  never give up on yourself, be prepared to take on any challenge thrown at you… see you at the top we belong”