Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe reveals more details about how her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry beat her up.

In a recent interview with Broadway Africa TV, she said:

“He beats me consistently. I stayed because I loved him and because every time he beats me, he begs and gets family and friends to beg me. He promised regularly to change but he never did. When my husband gets angry, he gets physical, not only to me but to anyone.

He has done that with my house help who reported him to the Police years ago.I stayed because of my children and because a lot of people look up to me. I was a role model of some sort and I really wanted to keep it together. I just wanted a home”.

Mercy also spoke about what led him to beating her, she said

” That day Immediately, I opened the door, he kept beating me. I was begging him and asking why he was beating me. He said he would destroy my face such that no make-up would fix it and destroy my career.

He was acting like someone who was possessed. I told him “Lanre, mo ma bi mo fun e” (translated as “I have a child for you). I’m still coughing and sneezing blood even after three weeks”