Emmanuel Ilemobayo is a Nollywood actor well known for his role  as ‘Charger’ in Nollywood movie ‘Slow Country’. The actor delivered a fantastic performance. On this episode ‘On My Honour’, Emmanuel Ilemobayo opens up about his sex life, what it would take anyone to have a piece of him and a lot more. On My Honour is a show on Trybe Tv where your favourite Nollywood celebrities get asked daring questions for fun.

Everyone has a price while some come cheap others don’t. Emmanuel Ilemobayo is one of the few who knows his worth and does not come cheap. When asked if he could sleep with an older for 100 million dollars, he said:

“That’s too small. Emmanuel Ilemobayo is not just an African actor  but a world class brand, so to get a piece of me you will have to pay good money. I’m sorry but what is 100 million dollars”

The actor gets turned off  by a lady sweating under her arms. He also detest farting in public.