Veteran Nollywood actress, Jim Iyke called his fan an idiot. The actor seem to have been upset by a fan who commented on his latest post on instagram.

The ‘When Love Comes Around’ actor shared a photo of himself taking a leak by the road with the caption;

“Road trip back to Enugu. Bladder overflowing from last night’s indulgence. Kept bidding time to make it to the gents. Finally pulled over by the road. Barely made it before a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t f%@# with nature y’all! Nothing like fresh breeze on the “TOOL” as u take care of personal biz in the wild.
I love the motherland!! 🤣🤣🤣😂 #StylePiper #IfYouGottaGoYouGottaGo #The SmileOnMyFace #JustKeepingItReal #Gladysboi #Harvpapa #MenWithStreetStyle #IOwnBlack #NomadChronicles”

While others found a taking leak by the roadside as a normal thing to do, a fan of the actor felt it was inappropriate and decided to share his thoughts.

Jim iyke decided to reply his fan and refered to him as an ‘Angry social media idiot’.