Everyone has a price, but for Lilian Afegbai it’s not all about the money but about consistency.

Lilian Afegbai is a Nigerian actress and presenter, she rose to fame after her stay in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

On this episode of Trybe Tv’s ‘On My Honour’, the actress reveals she is all about consistency.

Speaking about cheating, she was asked if she would cheat on her boyfriend that earns 35,000 Naira monthly with a man who offered to give her 1o,000,000 Naira to sleep with him.

She replied saying

“Truth is i love money but i’m all about consistency, the guy that offers me N10m naira will probably not call me after sleeping with me but If you give me a guy that will keep sleeping with me, giving me about 50,000 to 100,000 Naira weekly and we will still be together after two years, i’ll pick that guy”

Talking about the body part she is most confident about and the one she is in insecure about, she said

“I’m very confident about my ass but when it comes to my boobs i’m not so confident”

Who does not love a confident woman? Lilian is a very confident woman especially when it comes to her body. According to the actress, she knows is hot and sexy and she loves her whole body.