At last, Big Brother star and Nigerian actress, Gifty Powers meets her look alike, Lilian Bach.

Excited to meet her look alike, Gifty took to social media to narrate how her mother gave her the surprise of a life time by bringing Lilian Bach into her room. The highlight of the moment for the big brother star was when Lilian referred to her as a star.

She wrote;

“So out of no where my mom gave me a big surprise by inviting @iamlilianbach to my room, immediately i saw her..ahhhh omo i no waste time o, i gave out a big scream filled with excitment😂,i hugged her like say i wan chew am by force😂but she understood my craze sha😆.

At last i met with my “look alike” queen❤. What melted my heart was when she said “Gifty i watched you in the show and i must say you are a Star” + Her warm advice gave me the look of “Huh😲she’s talking to me like say e don tey wey we know😍”She so adorable and humble 😢.”

Both Lilian and Gifty are currently on set of a movie