Kevwe Ogunje is a Nollywood actor, Mc, and a comedian who recently returned to the country from Manchester and has since been dominating the industry…. from hosting to acting and more.

He was recently in TrybeTV studio for an episode of Star Top Five, where he listed his top five favorite Nollywood movies…

In a recent interview with The Fruit Tree Magazine, the Warri by revealed that he had to give up his IT job to follow his dreams in Nollywood despite having 2 masters degree; he also spoke about his his relationship status and marriage in Nigeria.

What would you say has been your biggest career challenge so far?

Switching from an I.T job in the United Kingdom to full-time entertainment. It was really hard mostly when things went bad for me financially. Fast forward to coming into Nigeria,the industry and life style here is totally different from what I was accustomed to for years.

You possess a BSc. and 2 Masters degrees but chose Nollywood, why so?

It had always been my dream, if I had my way I would have studied theater arts while in university. I love speaking to people in multiple characters (acting) and also producing things right from childhood.

What sacrifices have you made for your career and would you say they’ve been worth it?

I left a 2500 pounds paying Job for my career, that was a huge sacrifice, I had done so many free gigs that at a point when my overdraft was now overdrawn I thought of quitting my dream and going back to my I.T job. For every time I had more direct debits than Credit alert it was always a struggle.

Tell us about your first acting gig, was it an encouraging experience?

It was in 2013, January 23rd, I went for an audition in London from Manchester on the invite of my Friend Jude, I performed very well in the audition and was told by the judges that I would have gotten the role but I looked too young for the role, even though the age requested was my actual then.

Would you call acting a lucrative profession?

Not to me, it is a serious business to me, but I can use the word lucrative when talking of the financial gains.

Tell us a bit about your sitcom, TWISTED?

It is a story about a Warri boy that went to the Uk for his masters, and falls in love with a French/African girl from a very wealthy home and decides to dig gold from her, but along the line falls too deep in love that he forgot about his warri roots


What’s your take on the value of Marriage ?

Marriage for me is over rated in Nigeria, I believe more in partnership/ strategic companionship. Lol, Marriage is a good thing but it scares me because I naturally get bored easily.

Any plans to settle down in the immediate future?

Not at all lol …..kai far from that thought

 source: Fruit Tree Magazine