Nollywood actress, Mercy Macjoe is one actress who has steadily climbed the ladder to stardom. The actress started acting in 2011, between then and now she has featured in over twenty movies.

‘On My Honour’ is a show on Trybe Tv were your favourite Nollywood celebrities get asked daring and intriguing questions. The stunning actress was our guest on this episode of ‘On My Honour’.

Speaking about the actress settling down and starting a family, she said

“I’m presently in a relationship. Well am not thinking about marriage but if it comes why not.”

When asked about the rumour she heard about herself which she considered to be nonsense, she said:

“There was a rumour about my intimate life with a particular person. I did not like the fact that the news came out the way it did but the rumour was true. I was intimate with that particular person”