In an interview with ‘Broadway Tv’ Mercy Aigbe’s Daughter, Michelle talks about the positive and negative impact social media has had on her. Michelle is a model with over 200k followers on instagram.

The teenage star mentioned cyberbullying as one of the negative impacts of social media.

“If you are not strong, it can reduce your self-esteem, that’s why I hardly read my comments”. She reveals that when people drop hurtful comments on her page, it makes her cry.

“I am young and should not have go through all this”.

Positively social media has helped her promote her brand.

Being the child of a superstar has its advantages and disadvantages, Michelle says.

“I feel blessed to be the child of a superstar and i consider it an opportunity”.

She also talks about how difficult it is to make real friends, rather people become her friend for their own selfish reasons.