Nollywood actress, video vixen and blogger, Mimi Ubani was once engaged to her ex-boyfriend, shares the memorable moment when he popped the question.
Some memories live long and die but there are some; no matter how long they live they never die. Such is the Valentine experience Mimi Ubani had with her ex-boyfriend who proposed to her on Valentine’s Day, but as fate may have it, they never made it to the promise land.
In her words:

“My best Valentine’s experience was the day my ex boyfriend surprised me with an engagement ring. It was such a big shock because I never saw it coming” “He just called me to meet him in a restaurant in Victoria Island and I was like “Babe’, why are we eating out? I have just prepared Egusi Soup but he insisted and I quickly put on a jean and top. I drove to the restaurant. On getting there, I noticed he had already placed our orders and when I was having ice cream, I noticed a shinning object.
To her, this was the best Valentine gift and will be forever fresh in her heart!