Good acting and above average production, ensure that ‘Dr. Mekam’ isn’t a terrible movie but being so stale and repetitive make it boring as hell! So boring, we were forced to buy an extra round of pop corn each, just to stay awake. ‘Dr. Mekam’ is not interesting enough to be exciting and is too predictable to be funny. You are better off waiting till it hits African Magic Urban in a few months, than paying premium (minus two rounds of pop corn) to see it today. It offers just too little value for money.

The best thing going for ‘Dr. Mekam’ and maybe the only thing, is the very good performance of Mr. Ikeagwu. Beyond that however, ‘Dr. Mekam’ is a dry cocktail of shallowness and emptiness. Such a shame really; it could have been so much more. Unfortunately for it, its producers believed the fictitious falsehood that; “Comedy always sells in Nigeria, one needn’t even think”.

Consequently, they got lazy. Too lazy to be creative. When they could have done so much more with the story, sharpening it into a consequential drama; A morality tale of Good versus Evil, where principles triumph over corruption. These folks went the opposite direction and churned out a ridiculous, almost childish comedy, complete with those cartoonish tunes we hate so much.

At CinemaPointer, we hate spoilers, but to give you one example of just how uncreative, unimaginative and lazy this hack of a movie is, we will make a tiny exception- Dr. Mekam, being a very principled, British trained professional, finds abhorrent the expectation that, as a politician in Nigeria, he ought to dash supporters money. Now, while that is a good premise for comedy, it can only go so far. Unfortunately, in ‘Dr. Mekam’, scenarios based on this singular thread are rehashed over and over and over, with Dr. Mekam encountering the same challenge multiple times with different people, and predictably exhibiting the same “old” shock every time.

Not recommended! Such a bore.

Synopsis: In this Hilarious dramatic comedy, highly successful based Nigerian medical doctor decided to run home and run for the office Governor of Anambra state as “a stepping stone to becoming the President of Nigeria” but Navigating through the dark, murky and very diabolical water of the Nigerian Politics proves quite an uphill task for Dr.Mekam.

Starring: Kalu Ikeagwu, Uche Jumbo, Seun Akindele, Yemi Blaq, Chika Chukwu, Emaka Okoye.

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Credit: Cinemapointer