Such a shame with ‘Fantastic Numbers’; going by its sophisticated posters alone, we could have sworn we were definitely going to love this one (at CinemaPointer, to avert prejudice, we avoid trailers). Unfortunately, ‘Fantastic Numbers’ turned out to be the polar opposite of its fantastic posters. For us, seeing this was sheer horror!

Try as hard as we may, there’s nothing here we can find to praise. With generally lacklustre acting and overly forced supposed-to-be-funny scenarios, ‘Fantastic Numbers’ tells a horrendously ridiculous story in an attempt to pass a message about the need to keep twins and triplets together or something like that. Albeit a wonderful message, but. ‘Fantastic Numbers’ remains a completely stupid movie that shouldn’t have been made.

The most vivid description of this caricature of a movie we can offer is this- Imagine some Nollywood adventurers erroneously assume that it would be a great idea to re-create the cartoon series Tom and Jerry using Nollywood actors. And then, as if that wasn’t terrifying enough, they outsource the re-creation to Kannywood! Only if your mind is capable of processing such untamed imaginations can you possibly appreciate the disaster that ‘Fantastic Numbers’ is.

Nevertheless, to be fair; the couple we were blessed to see it with seemed to have found joy where we didn’t. They Laughed Out Loud intermittently. Though we suspect, the guy’s laughter(s) to have been assiduously exaggerated, forming only a part of his elaborate fish-reeling strategy, hence propelling his partner into a tiny minority.

Now, regardless of our conviction; while we admit that we may well be wrong about the probity of that fellow’s laughter, we assure you without equivocation that- ‘Fantastic Numbers’ is bound to be a fantastic waste of your time and money should you choose to see it.

Absolutely not recommended. This is hogwash!

Synopsis: The story of twins who were separated at birth, bump into each other in a seemingly dramatic circumstance and became sworn enemies instead of brothers that they are.

Starring: SambasaNzeribe, Sani Musa Danja, Ivie Okujaye, Rahama Sadau, Saheed Muhammed (Funky Mallam), Yakubu Mohammed.

Verdict: Amateurish. Silly. Absurd. Ludicrous!

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Credit: CinemaPointer