‘Midnight Crew’ is yet another repulsively ugly Nollywood comedy to avoid at the cinemas. All round appalling acting and a slew of ever more ludicrous scenarios ensure this is bound to be a total and complete waste of money for all who will dare. As a matter of fact, so unpleasant was the experience, that even people who got to see ‘Midnight Crew’ for free, hated it.

We saw its late night screening at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos; and it so happens that when the members of staff close they get a free-pass perk to see the last movie showing. Suffice to say; when we were done, the multitude of freeloaders left the hall angrier than the few paying customers. As we trooped out of the hall, it was a tale of anguish, cussing and hissing from them, even without paying! Now, that’s a fail rate we have never experienced before. It’s a record.

At CinemaPointer, we are very fond of Nonso Diobi, consequently it was really so sad and painful for us to see him come to the silver screen leading this retarded extravaganza. So excruciating was the pain, that seeing ‘Midnight Crew’ one can’t help but get the feeling that; with Instagram celebrities and “unprofessional” actors in tow, Nollywood is in a desperate race to the bottom at cinemas in Nigeria.

This wantonly grotesque offering will leave you either tearing your hair out or anxiously sleeping through it. There is no third option. You will not leave happy.

Synopsis: A young cyber criminal finally got paid big and he lands in the net of d EFCC and was sent to jail for 4years. After paying his dues in prison came out to retrieve the money he hid in his house only to find out it has been occupied by a new couple. Will he able to find his money?

Starring: Charles Okocha, Josh 2 funny, Sadiq Sule.

Absolutely not recommended!
Verdict: Lazy. Distasteful. Unimaginative. A dire mishap. And a record setter.

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