Haphazard and rough. Forceful but entertaining. ‘New Money’ is just there. Essentially a fluke, it barely makes it to being just good enough to win its audience, but most definitely nothing near as fantastic as was promised. Admittedly it did offer very many good laughs, but in between those were long periods where it left the crowd wearing distinctively long faces whilst expressing frustrations and irritations, making jest, throwing flak and blowing hisses at the many pot holes that mar this otherwise very ambitious offering.

Yes, ‘New Money’ is ambitious; full of vision and hankering. Unfortunately, it was maybe “too” ambitious. Over-reaching beyond the limits of the talent(s) and capability(s) of its producer(s), it fails to shine where Nollywood has succeeded many times before. It’s a mishmash of ambitious scenarios delivered poorly- So much vision, but very little talent to carry it through. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see that a lot of hard work went into this. But repeatedly tripping over itself and getting up again, it paints a pungent picture of determination, strife and struggle.

In the end though, it does recover. And as we pointed out earlier, somehow, with its “wombling and fumbling” it manages to win the crowd. The thanks for that lucky streak must go especially to Ms. Osunde; with her passionate, albeit imperfect performance. And to Mr. Falana; with his seamless clownish dialogue delivery. And to Wofaifada; with her energetic and most compelling performance. Their tripartite won the crowd.

Synopsis: The movie tells the story of a young girl, who goes from being a shop girl to a billionaire, after her father leaves her his empire to run.
Starring: Falz, Kate Henshaw, Dakore Akande, Jemima Osunde.

Recommended without enthusiasm.

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Credit: Cinemapointer