Stunning Nollywood actress, Adunni has revealed what attracts her to the opposite sex. The ‘Iwo tabi emi’ actress has two handsome boys for Ex lover who she dated for eight years before calling it quits. Adunni has full custody of her two children.

In a recent interview, the mother of two talks about the attributes she would love her man to possess.

Aduni loves a good looking man: Although she acknowledges the fact that looks are not everything, but that does not mean you should not be presentable at least. To get Adunni’s attention please make the effort to look good.

Adunni has a thing for men that smell good: According to the ‘It’s Her Day’ actress having a manly sexy smell does something to her. “You have to smell nice and not stink”.

Adunni likes the good set of teeth: A man with good set of teeth and a nice smile is definitely a major turn on for the sultry actress.

Adunni likes a man with a good fashion sense: The ‘Iyabadan’ actress has a thing for men who have the street sense of style. “I do not know what it is, i like a guy ‘Thugged’ out with his dressing.

Adunni has to feel the connection: The ‘Your Wife Is My Slut’ actress has to be attracted to you. “If the attraction is not there, i’m sorry you are wasting your time”.