Rising actress and dancer, Pat Ugwu gets lots of attention on her social media platform as she flaunts her twerking videos… In a recent interview with New Guru she opens up about her acting career and why she twerks on social media…

How did you get into the movie industry?


I started acting at the age of 14. Some actors came to Nsukka to shoot a movie. I decided follow them and I spoke with a director to give me a role even if it is ‘Waka pass’. Then I was given a role. After that day, the director called me to come to Asaba to come shoot with them. Since then, I started getting roles before I traveled abroad.


What was your first onscreen experience like?


It wasn’t easy facing the camera. My director Tchidi Chikere was angry and said: “Who brought you here do you think we are here to joke?”



What gives you the kind of energy you exude when you twerk?


My energy is inbuilt when I was a dancer I use to spend 4 to 5hours dancing on stage. Twerking is just a minor one


Do you think entertainers are valued in Nigeria?


I just realized that Nigerians don’t even watch movies again. Instead of watching Nollywood movies, they watch Zee world. We don’t value what we have at all.


How do your fans react to your twerking videos?


I think some love it why some don’t even like it at all especially some of my colleagues. They sometimes get angry at me. Some even stopped giving me roles. I cannot stop twerking. I feel good twerking.


What is your most challenging movie role?


Crying in a movie has been my most challenging role, because I am a fun loving person.



What is the weirdest message you have ever gotten?

I get a lot of messages. The one I cannot forget is someone asking me If I can strip and twerk. It gets me angry. I reply some of them, while I block some.


What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My bum gets me the most attention. It is my pride


Can you twerk for Bobrisky?


I cannot twerk for him, he is too poor. I only twerk in music videos and for celebs.



What if someone like Wizkid demands for it on a personal level and wants to pay you?


I have said it before I twerk for celebrities, politicians and rich dudes abroad.


Who is your celebrity crush?

I have a crush on two entertainers, that is Kcee and Jidenna


Have you ever been a victim of sex for roles?


No, they cannot try it with me. I will expose them If they try it with me.


What changes will you love to make in any part of your body?


I will love to change nothing. I am contented with what I have. I am all natural.


What can’t you do without wearing?


I cannot do without wearing my Bikinis


How many movies have you featured in?

I have featured in several movies. Some of them are: Twist of fate, Lack of Money, Burning Will.



What is that one thing you cannot do without in a relationship between love, money or sex?

I cannot do without love in a relationship?


What If your man is poor or cannot satisfy you in bed?


I will support him financially. I cannot go for a man who cannot satisfy me in bed.


How important is premarital sex to you?


It is important to me because, I don’t want to be disappointed after marriage. I like to test our sexual compatibility very well.