‘One On One’is a show on Trybe Tv that gives insights into your favorite Nollywood stars career and upcoming projects.

On this episode of ‘One On One’ Doris Simeon talks about how she handles motherhood along side having an important career.

The award winning actress described herself as simple, extremely playful, funny, stubborn and a lover of tv.

Doris has always loved entertainment right from when she was a kid. She got her first major role on the ‘Papa Ajasco’ audition set.

When asked how the actress joggles being a mum and having such an important career to manage, she admits that its not easy

“Its not easy, thank God my son is not in the country

According to the ‘Alakada’ actress her job is not a do or die affair. “My job is not a do or die affair, my family always comes first. If its going to affect my family, i drop it because my family comes first.”

Doris Simeon was born on the 22nd of July, her mum motivates her.