Nollywood actress. Tonto Dikeh is displeased with some blog readers. The actress shared a video of herself  whimpering in pain as she woke up to swollen eye. She made it clear in the video that ‘this boil is so painful’, making no connection to a spiritual attack in anyway.

Even though the actress did not associate the video she uploaded with a spiritual attack, some happen to think she was and for that reason she got a lot of mean comments about her life.

Check out the video below

Vulnerable Blog readers,You read a caption & You watch the video and it has nothing to do with the caption..Knowing fully well that bloggers can sell a dead/Empty story with a catchy headline.. You still vent anger,I Am not your frustration.. I Am not your hardship,I Am not your pain ooooo…Go get frustrated else where,RA RA it’s not happening here.. Everyday am getting blessed so e no matter whether you talk or you no talk••it don’t change nothing Bae😝 Am a drama queen,Am I your Drama??🙄1st thing in the morning you dedicate your life to cursing,Ranting and whinning about how another person lives her life,YOU ARE SADLY FRUSTRATED,LACK SELF RESPECT /LOVE..WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT ME TELLS MORE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU WERE TRAINED.. My page my post you don’t like it scramp! Just so you know I wish you every single thing and more you wish me…. And for you Lilian(INSTABLOG) you have turned spiritualist to find a connection with a boil on my eye to a spiritual fly attack.. well done Mrs t b Joshua I hail you… On a lighter note,have you accepted Jesus as your lord and personal savior?? If no what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to make that turn,you are never to dirty for’s never too late darlings…💋💐 #Post and delete

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