FilmOne boss, Kene Mpkaru has undoubtedly got to know the Nigerian filmmaking industry – Nollywood – like the back of his hand.

He has been doing the cinema business in Nigeria since 2008 after working in a UK cinema for about 17 years.

In a recent interview with QED, Mpkaru whose outfit has also delved into film production advised Nollywood producers to learn the art of business management.

The silent rift between filmmakers and cinema houses in Nigeria as regards revenue sharing has been going on for a while.

He said:

Film producers need to go learn business. A producer is a business manager. If they don’t understand business, they don’t have business producing because no matter what it is, they will always complain.

Speaking further on sharing formula, Mkparu said:

They should go and put their films in cinemas outside Nigeria and tell me what they will get back. Nollywood films get the best deal from us. Producers should just go and learn how it works. Nigerian producers are getting far more money from exhibiting their films in cinemas in Nigeria than people get abroad.