Bisi Alimi is a the first Nigerian to come out on television stating that he is gay. The activist wants Nollywood to portray homosexuals accurately.

Alimi addressed this during an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

“We all don’t catwalk, we don’t call ourselves wives. It’s this kind of caricature that is very problematic because the power of film and television is huge,”  Said Alimi on the portrayal of homosexuals in Nollywood.

“And people see things, it stays in their memory. They go out and expect that thing to be the way they have seen it, the way it has been sold to them.”

“I mean if that’s the point and we were that powerful to be infecting people, we would have infected everybody in Nigeria with the level of hate we get. But that’s not how things work,”he said.

“Film has a huge part and I also hope that the community starts tapping into how we also tell our stories because it is not just going to happen,” he says.

“We have to take the lead as well and say how do we release our own movies that actually talk about our own story”, but I hope it gets through the film censors board” he adds.

In recent times, Nollywood has made movies like Hell or High Water, Ojuloge Obirin and Everything In Between aimed at moving the LGBT conversation forward in Nigeria.

Bearing in mind that if caught you get to spend years in prison as it is against the law of the federal republic of Nigeria.