Nollywood is one industry that has grown tremendously over time and has been blessed with with some great talents.

There are certain Nollywood actors that have graced our screens and have managed to go undercover for a long time, some have wondered why they stopped acting and why some others are not doing so well like the millennials. We would definitely love to have some of them back on our screens.

Here is a list of some actors we would love to see on our screens…

Stella Damasus

Hanks Anuku

Victoria Inyama

Regina Askia

Nkiru Sylvanus

Gloria Young

Susan Patrick

Osita Iheme

Maureen Solomon

Ernest Obi

Bob Manuel Udoku.

The actors have featured in famous movie like Games women play, The captor, Vuga, Cry for help, Royal castle, Gangster Paradise, Women in love, Mirror boy, Men on hard way, Day time lovers and Outkast.