Nollywood Actress, Sapphire Ogodo, announced plans to create a platform for aspiring actors to showcase their talent.

The project, which comes in form of a reality TV series tagged ‘actors unleashed’ will also groom participants and give them a competitive edge in the industry.

Ogodo explained her plans to help people who have the passion for acting but don’t have the platform.

“We are creating this for these new entrants, we are going to imbibe them, own them, brand them and project them into Nollywood, we are having lots of producers, directors and veterans we are working with on this project.

Ogodo who is a product of a reality show herself relocated to Lagos from Abia State, in pursuit of fame and recognition and hopes to help talent at the grassroots level overcome challenges she experienced as a newbie in the industry.

“From my secondary school, I watched the likes of Genevieve, she is the one person that inspired me so much and I believed I was going to make it when I come into the industry. In the industry, you have a lot of people to compete with but I came to the industry I started doing my own thing.”

Her plan is to create movies that are culture based and are produced in several local dialects.

“We are going into the local communities, we are going to people who think they don’t have the voice, we are going to look for the people who don’t have the platform, we are offering value, we are going down to the grassroots.”

The first movie of the project seeks to re-tell the story of how Mary Slessor influenced the end of the barbaric tradition of killing twins in South-South Nigeria

“One of the things that motivated me into coming up with such project besides bringing new entrance and projecting them and making them stars, I am also trying to promote our originality and our heritage and culture. We are doing culture based films, indigenous features in the story. ”

In order to be fully committed to the actors unleashed project, Ogodo has put her acting career on hold.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Channels TV Entertainment News