For a while now media personality and actress Khanyi Mbau’s complexion getting lighter has been a major topic of discussion on various platforms in South Africa, with many believing she bleached her skin.

But during a recent program on, Khanyi addressed the subject of her lightening.


“There’s this thing where people believe that I bleach my skin. I don’t bleach my skin, I lighten it. There is a difference between lightening and bleaching, and people just don’t get it,” Khanyi said.

Khanyi also explained how her skin got to its pinkish skin saying; “”People who (are) lightening their skins using gallons and overdose on (skin whitening products) glutathione tend to have skin like mine. Pinkish, lightish, like an albino colour,” Khanyi said. .

“My skin does (have this complexion) because I overdo everything in life. There is no side effects. All it does is make me lighter and it is like having loads of vitamin C, which means I don’t get the flu easily,” Khanyi added.