‘On My Honour’ is a show on Trybe Tv were your favourite Nollywood celebrities get asked daring and intriguing questions.

Nollywood actress and film maker ‘Udoka Oyeka’ was our guest on this episode of ‘On My Honour’.

The ‘Tinsel’ actor had his first sexual encounter when he was about sixteen, following that was his first true love and after that came his first real heart break.

When asked if he would rather be in a relationship with a lady who is facially pretty or one who has a banging body, he said

“I will want to wake up to a pretty lady”.

The film maker is very protective of his food, people touching his food ticks him off.

He also admits to been a big foodie and considers it a flaw, for that reason he is trying to change his diet and make it more healthy.

Did you also know that while in college, Udoka had a one night stand.