Ghanaian actor and Pastor, Majid Michel aired his opinion on the ‘Sex And Marriage’ debate across the world.

According to the award winning actress, sex before marriage is not right.

The ‘Guilty Pleasure’ actor also urged people to specific about their prayer.

“Be careful about what you wish for or be specific about your prayer. There’s a saying that ‘be careful what you wish for because you might have it.’ So you can wish yourself and when it comes just as you asked without certain support around it, then it rather becomes your evil – it becomes your worst nightmare,”Majid said.

Speaking on ‘Sex And Marriage’, the father of three said:

“People think sex is a glue to marriage. Some girls get pregnant for men just to get married. Some other girls also believe sleeping with a man will get him stuck with her.

“But, what happens after orgasm? You see, right after orgasm, you cannot hold a long conversation with your partner. The whole thing is messed up. The way God designed it (sex) from the beginning is not what is happening (today).

“There’s no such thing as casual sex. The act is fornication. You are not supposed to have sex before marriage. It’s not normal but society has made it normal. So it’s a norm to engage in a pre-marital sex.

“And sex is not the glue in a marriage. It doesn’t bind anything together. To keep your house or a relationship, it takes knowledge, understanding and wisdom,” he concluded.